The Well is a new church in Chandler, AZ.
We meet every Sunday, 10am, at Hancock Elementary School.

COVID-19 Update

Due to Coronavirus, Well worship services are online only. Join us on The Well Facebook page for Pastor Ryan’s livestream Sundays at 10am @thewellchurchaz.

The Well meets Sundays at 10am, and services last about 70 minutes. Well KIDS (infant- 6th grade) is offered during the service.

Meet the leaders of The Well, get more information, or just introduce yourself.

Services are held at Hancock Elementary School, 2425 S. Pleasant Dr. Chandler, AZ 85286.


Thank you for your interest in The Well. We're a brand new church in Chandler that meets every Sunday at 10am at Hancock Elementary School (Alma School and Germann).

If you're looking for a church where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life...

Welcome home.

The Well is a place to express both your faith and your doubts, so you can grow to become your best self, and partner with God make a difference with your life.

An example of what we mean by that was captured in recent articles about The Well in the East Valley Tribune here and the SanTan Sun News here.

If that sounds like the kind of community you might be interested in, please check out our site, plan your visit here, and I hope to meet you this Sunday!

Ryan Gear
Lead Pastor

Current Series
Jesus: The Gospel According to Mark

You might be interested in following Jesus, but at the same time, you probably have questions about who He really was (or is), and it might be difficult for you to separate Jesus from your experience of the religion that bears His name.

Let's be honest.

There are many versions of Jesus.

Jesus is used by some for political purposes, and you could make a case that we all tend to project onto Jesus whatever ideal we want to believe about ourselves.

For people who really want to follow Jesus, perhaps it's best to go back to what was probably the original biography of His life, the Gospel of Mark.

Written during a time when Jesus’ followers were persecuted and struggling, Mark is filled with a passion and urgency that continues to challenge us today. From Jesus’ baptism to His teaching and miracles to His crucifixion and resurrection, the events described in Mark help us answer the question, "Who is Jesus?"

If you want to explore who Jesus really is according to His earliest followers, join us this Lent* for a sermon series inspired by Adam Hamilton, Jesus: The Gospel According to Mark.

*Lent means "spring," and it is the forty-days, not counting Sundays, of preparation leading up to the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.


The Well is a place of hope, meaning, and purpose where we can be inspired, grow as followers of Jesus Christ, and be a part of something bigger.

More and more people feel like they no longer fit in the type of Christianity they see today. It can be:

Too unlike Jesus
Too out of touch, and
Too closed to the questions ordinary people have about faith.

That's why we started The Well.

We believe that following Jesus should be refreshing, positive, and pull us together instead of pushing us apart.

The mission of The Well is to create a community where thinking, compassionate people can find a spiritual home and cultivate a Jesus-inspired life. 

The Well is a place where:

You are free to express both your faith and your doubts.

You can spiritually grow to become your best self.

And you can partner with God to make a difference with your life.

You'll experience practical teaching from the Bible that will give you hope and wisdom for your everyday life, inspiring worship music, an excellent children's ministry, and the love of a church family who welcomes you with no hidden agenda.

No matter who you are, you are welcome at The Well. We cheer each other on because none of us is perfect, and everyone belongs.

Something different is needed now more than ever. If this sounds like the kind of community you're looking for...

Welcome home.

Connect with The Well on Facebook and Instagram @thewellchurchaz.


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